I am a Chiang Mai-based, Thai-Italian filmmaker, photographer and writer. I explore travel, handmade crafts and culture across Northern Thailand with an emphasis on heritage and the environment. I give bespoke private tours of the region and work as a fixer on productions.

[All media and content on this site is created by me unless otherwise stated.]



I was born to shop. Literally. I come from a lineage of powerful Pan-Asian matriarchs who have consistently seized every opportunity to purchase something. It could be edible, wearable, functional, decorative, for the house, for the kitchen, a gift… When my mom buys a new car, she inspects the trunk space first and requires maximum shopping storage. It’s in my DNA.

In spite of my genetic urge to splurge, I am faced with the dilemma of today’s world being full of stuff. Things that we bring into our lives have become transient, disposable and not built to last. We get rid of them irresponsibly and consequently the world is becoming increasingly saturated with ever-mounting piles of junk. It’s not environmentally sustainable or ethical on many levels.

I decided that I don’t want to contribute to the problem. I have always found myself attracted to old things and handmade craft. My work takes me to all corners of Thailand where I find incredible treasures, rare finds and pieces steeped in generations of craftsmanship. There’s only so much I can buy for myself, but the urge to splurge is in my DNA remember?

To that end, I’ve been inspired to create an online shop with pieces that I’ve gathered from my journeys, reimagined and possibly improved. Everything is either old, up-cycled or handmade. All wood pieces are old wood (50 years and up)  finished with an all-natural wood wax made by my mom. I also feature a selection of artists and craftsmen, highlighting their stories, approach and exclusive products. Think of this as my personal treasure chest!


(I also enjoy the thrill of the hunt so if you’re after something special, please get in touch.)