Rustic & Blue, Farm-to-Table

A pioneer of Chiang Mai’s pop-up restaurant scene, this farm-to-table gastro-café with indoor and garden seating highlights natural produce and house-cured organic meats. They also retail their homemade cheeses and yoghurt. The seasonal menu capitalizes

Steak of the Day, a 5-Star Bistro

The location might be off-the-cuff but the food is anything but. Former Four Seasons executive chef, Rewat Srilachai, made a bet on branching out and opened a casual fine dining spot in Mae Rim plaza,

Woo Café, Gallery + Lifestyle Shop

Gallery-meets-artisan craft shop-meets-bistro highlighting local favorites, such as Chiang Mai’s signature khao soy curried-chicken soup noodles and pad Thai noodles. The khao yum, or rice salad, a bright and bold technicolor assortment of fresh vegetables,