Free Bird, An Eatery with a Mission

Free Bird Café was founded by Lisa Nesser in 2005 and has become a local institution offering a wide assortment of delectable local and Western vegan cuisine. A social enterprise project of Thai Freedom House, the philanthropic organization donates 100% of profits to language and arts education across Northern Thailand for refugees from Myanmar as well as Thai indigenous peoples. Free Bird Café was recently expanded to a new location, and is a functioning hospitality training center where skills are nurtured, encouraging a brighter future to those who often slip through the cracks. Chiang Mai’s first zero waste shop, a charity shop, and a donation center are also located on the compound echoing their commitment to sustainability and the environment. Not to be missed., 14 Sirimungkhalajarn Road, Soi 9, Suthep, +6681 028 5383