Nussara, Textiles from Mae Chaem

Nussara Tiengkate is a textile historian, weaver and designer. Originally from Bangkok, she discovered Mae Cham village back in the 1980s and fell in love with the local weaving community there. She went so far as to move to this village where she spent 20 years learning with and developing the traditional Lanna weaving style, teen jock. Teen jock weaving is a form a supplementary weaving with patterns integrated into a pa-tong, or tube skirt. Nussara was inspired to work wit the skills that these weavers already had, teaching them new ways to design products and consider new weaving patterns. She opened her namesake shop, Nussara, in Wat Gate area back in 2000 as a showcase of these hand-woven textiles. She also teaches weaving at the Lanna Wisdom School.

66 Charoenrat Road, Wat Gate, Chiang Mai, Tel 087 304 7976