Chandra Residence

Stepping into Chandra Residence is like arriving at the home of my dreams: the gorgeous and eclectic interior design, the quirky details, the vibrance, the warmth… There are too many cosy corners to count! And

My Secret Café In Town

My Secret Café’s (not-so-secret, really) In Town branch echoes the vibrant mood and cosy feel of their flagship location on the outskirts of town (minus the lamyai or longan farm and friendly horse). Nestled in

Mengrai Kilns, vibrant ceramics

Mengrai Kilns is one of earliest ceramics factories established in Chiang Mai some 40 years ago. It was the combined effort of Dr. Srisukri, a Thai forensics specialist, Donald Gibson the British Consul, and Alex

SABU-SABU, natural lifestyle products

Stepping into the Sabu-Sabu shop is a treat for the senses. Whiffs of lavender, patchouli, rose, peppermint, lemongrass and more fill the air. Tucked in a serene, rice-paddy filled section of Mae Rim, Sabu-Sabu’s mantra