Kad Luang, the “great market”

Located in the heart of Chiang Mai, and along the Ping River, this vibrant and energetic area is an important hub for locals. A collision of three markets: Wororot Market, Ton Lam Yai Market and

Metal Studio, handmade jewelry

Sirilak Samanasak Chappell worked part-time at a jewelry shop while studying in university. She became interested in learning the process of designing and producing her own pieces so enrolled in courses in a local polytechnic.

Rubber Killer, up-cycling with flare

Rubber Killer first debuted their unique line of products at the Nimmanhaemin Arts Promenade back in 2010. Owner/designer Soreongrong “Joei” Wong-Savun transforms recycled materials such as inner-tubes of tires and car seat-belts into minimalist trendy