Three Trees, An In-Depth Culinary Experience

Three Trees embraces Thai culinary traditions of past and present. Drawing on historical recipes and 15 years of extensive research, founder and prominent food scholar, Hanuman Aspler offers a bespoke and intimate approach to learning the art of Thai cooking. From Royal Thai cuisine to regional cooking, minority dishes and even Laotian cuisine–given enough notice, a unique experience can be carefully crafted to suit your interest. All classes are private for 1-3 students at a time, and the setting is pure magic. Just 30 minutes from the city centre, the school is nestled on a 15-rai, luscious farm at the foothills of Doi Saket. Hanuman dedicated years to revitalizing the area’s swampland, managing water systems and creating a food forest that is reminiscent of ancient Siam. A definite foodie haven for those seeking out an in-depth appreciation of Thai cuisine.

*Photography by Hanuman Aspler