Toot Yung, where art meets nature

Toot Yung (that’s “mosquito butt” in Thai) abandoned the bustle of the Bangkok art scene earlier this year in favour of an unlikely and rather remote enclave in Mae Rim district. Some 30km north of Chiang Mai city, the compound was designed by owner and art enthusiast Udom Dansakchai with a vision of creating a peaceful space that blends art and nature. The haven features a world-class art gallery, a design gallery and a workshop for artists-in-residence, all nestled in lush tropical gardens. Curator and director Myrtille Tibayrenc has a penchant for the provocative and believes that destiny brought this centre into being. She also revels in the authenticity of the locale. This December the gallery will showcase the work of respected Thai sculptor, Haritorn Akarapat. By appointment only. / +66 849 145 499

*All photos courtesy of Toot Yung

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